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How To Configure MyHomeSeer Connect for HS3

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    How To Configure MyHomeSeer Connect for HS3

    Here a guide to setting up MyHomeSeer Connect on HS3.

    Best thing to do first is change the port to something other than 80 (ie. 88, 8080, ####).

    Once the port has been changed, you will need to forward that port in your router. This can be done by following tutorials on the internet.
    To begin your search, click on this link: Port Forwarding Tutorial

    Once you have the port forwarded, please continue with the following setup.

    Now that you have the correct ports setup and your HomeSeer is up and running bring up the WebControl page.
    At that page go to the Tools menu and click on Setup.

    After clicking setup the General tab will load. Click on the Network tab.

    Scroll down until you the 'MyHomeSeer-Connect Settings'. Here you will enter your licenseID, password, and domain.
    The notification Email address is an optional feature that will allow for an email notification of whenever the IP Changes.

    Once you have entered in your settings you can just click refresh and everything should still be there.

    Give 5-10 minutes for system updates and you should be all set to start using your new domain!
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