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How To Create a PopUp message in Windows MCE with Camera Image

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  • How To Create a PopUp message in Windows MCE with Camera Image

    Purpose of this How-To:
    To create a pop up message that includes a screen capture in Windows Media Centre to alert when someone is at the front door

    1. Download and install Beta 2 vmcController on your Windows Media Centre PC. This allows you to control MCE via either HTTP request or via TCP connection. While the message pop up control works via both methods the msgboxrich function that allows the inclusion of an image only works via TCP.

    2. Create an event that you will use to trigger the alert. In order to call the popup via TCP I use the script below to do it. The sections in red will need to edited to your MCE location and where your camsnapshot location is.The sections in green can be reworded as your like.

    Imports System.Net
    Imports System.Net.Sockets
    Imports System.Text
    Sub Main(parm as object)
        Const RemoteIP As String = ""
        Const PortNumber As Integer = 40500
        ' Connect to the remote
        Dim Client As New TcpClient()
        Client.Connect(IPAddress.Parse(RemoteIP), PortNumber)
        Dim NetStream As NetworkStream = Client.GetStream()
        ' Send something
        SendString(NetStream, "msgboxrich ""Motion Detected"" ""Front door"" 10 ""OK"" ""modal"" ""\\hostname\blueiris\cam1.jpg""")
        ' Receive reply
        Dim Reply As String = ReadString(Client)
        ' Disconnect
    End Sub
    Private Function ReadString(ByVal Client As System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient) As String
        Dim Stream As NetworkStream = Client.GetStream
        Dim Buffersize As Integer = Client.ReceiveBufferSize
        Dim Data(Buffersize) As Byte
        If Stream.CanTimeout Then
            Stream.ReadTimeout = 1000 * 5
        End If
        Dim BytesRead As Integer = Stream.Read(Data, 0, Buffersize)
        Return Encoding.ASCII.GetString(Data, 0, BytesRead)
    End Function
    Private Function SendString(ByVal Stream As NetworkStream, ByVal Data As String) As Boolean
        Dim Bytes As [Byte]() = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(Data)
        If Stream.CanTimeout Then
            Stream.WriteTimeout = 1000 * 5
        End If
        Stream.Write(Bytes, 0, Bytes.Length)
        Return True
    End Function
    If you use BlueIris like I do, you can also trigger the alert directly from BI. Under the properties of the camera you would trigger from go to Alerts and check the Request from a Web Service option. On the next page in the http section edit the URL to point to the IP or hostname of your HS3 pc and then the group and name to reflect the event that you created Door Camera