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Estimate Energy Usage Per Device

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  • Estimate Energy Usage Per Device

    Think I finally figured out a way to estimate energy Usage per device and figured I would share. It is a little bit of a setup, but I think the #'s are accurate (as accurate as can be for an estimate).

    This is based off using a script and passing variables from an event to make it all work. You will need to create 2 virtual devices and a timer, per physical device you want to monitor.

    - One device to get the wattage usage
    - Another to have a running total for kWh
    - Timer is needed to aid in kWh calculation

    I still need to create a button on this device to reset to 0 for monthly recycle.

    You will need three events:
    - One for physical device on, restart timer
    - One for physical device off, stop timer and update kWh device
    - Last one to update the wattage device for current usage (used to calculate kWh)

    On your events that reference the script, you will need to have the data sent. I did this so that I only had to create one script and can send multiple devices thru it.

    Example of how the parameter pass should look:
    'Array setup for event / LightDevice,WattDevice,TimerName,kWhDevice,TotalLightWattage
    'LightDevice = RefID for Light
    'WattDevice = RefID for Virtual Device that maintains watt usage
    'TimerName = Name of Timer being used to monitor light
    'kWhDevice = Virtual Device to hold kWh
    'TotalLightWattage = Maximum wattage for light
    'Example = 33,836,Kitchen Ceiling Lights,837,60

    Again this is only going to be an estimate and I have only found a way to update the kWh when the device is turned off. This gives you a running total, but does not update real time. I tried to do the update real time and couldn't figure out the math/script. But this works for my needs.

    'Updates kWh Device
    Sub kWh_Update(ByVal Parms As Object)
    dim ParmArray() As String = Split(Parms,",")
    dim kWh as decimal
    dim kWh_Previous as decimal
    dim Watts as integer = ParmArray(1)
    dim ts As TimeSpan = hs.TimerValue(ParmArray(2))
    dim Time as decimal
    dim Session_kWh as decimal
        Time = ts.TotalHours
        kWh_Previous = hs.DeviceValueEx(ParmArray(3))
            Session_kWh = (Time*Watts)/1000
            kWh = (kWh_Previous + Session_kWh)
            hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(ParmArray(3), kWh, True)
    End Sub
    'Update Wattage Virtual Device
    Sub Wattage_Update (ByVal Parms As Object)
    dim ParmArray() As String = Split(Parms,",")
    dim Lights as integer = hs.DeviceValue(ParmArray(0))
    dim Actual_Wattage as integer
    dim Maximum_Wattage as integer = (ParmArray(4))
        Actual_Wattage = (Lights*Maximum_Wattage)/100
        hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(ParmArray(1), Actual_Wattage, True)
    End Sub
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