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How To Use Different Voices with Events

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  • How To Use Different Voices with Events

    It's fairly easy to use different voices with HomeSeer events. You only need to add a simple tag to the beginning of the text that's spoken. If you'd like an event to speak "hello world" with Cepstral's "Damien" voice, choose the action "speak something" and then enter this into the 'Text to be spoken' field:
    PHP Code:
    <voice required="name=Cepstral Damien">hello world 
    This video shows the process in action:

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    Do these voices work with windows 10?



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      @ Mark,

      Hqve you guys thought about carrying Ivona voices? I haven't used Cepstral voices in about 8 years so maybe they have gotten better, but I have found Ivona voices to be much nicer.
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