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How to Launch HS3 Automatically Without Logging On To Your PC

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  • How to Launch HS3 Automatically Without Logging On To Your PC

    HS3 doesn't run as a Windows service. We did this intentionally to mitigate support traffic caused by incompatible Windows drivers (ie drivers that are not compatible with a software running as a service). This generally doesn't create a problem for those using a dedicated PC to run HomeSeer in a secure environment. However, it does create problems for others. Use this How To to create a Windows Task Scheduler task that will automatically launch HS3 at Startup, without requiring at log in.

    1. Launch the Windows Task Scheduler by typing "Taskschd.msc" into the Windows search or run box
    2. Click "Create task" in the pane on the right
    3. On the general tab, name the task and then click the Security option to "Run whether user is logged on or not"
    4. On the triggers tab, click "New" and then select "At startup" from the "Begin the task" menu
    5. On the actions tab, click "New" and choose "Start a Program" from the Action menu. Now Browse to and select HS3.exe file in the Windows Explorer. Then copy and paste the path it into the "Start in (optional)" field.
    6. Click OK to save your work.
    7. To test this, reboot your PC but DO NOT log in. Then navigate to, click the 'Search' button and verify that your instance of HS3 is actually running.

    Or... just watch this!

    • Due to Windows security constraints, the Windows Speaker Client will not run properly when HS3 is launched as a Task Scheduler task. This will only affect users who are using the Windows speaker client for TTS announcements or for voice recognition commands.
      This will not affect users who are using HSTouch and Amazon Echo for TTS announcements and voice recognition. If you are not using the Windows Speaker Client, we recommend disabling it entirely by un-ticking the "Launch Speaker Client.." box in the Setup area of HS3 (see below).
    • By default, HS3 is configured to launch your web browser on startup and an instance of your browser will appear in in the task manager. However, the browser may not appear on your screen after login and it may prevent additional instances of the browser to run properly too. Because of this, we recommend un-ticking the "Launch Web Browser.." box in Setup (see below)
    • By default, HS3 is configured to check for updates on startup. We recommend you manually check for updates and un-tick the "Check for HS3 Update.." box in Setup (see below)

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    I'm missing something. I want to launch HS3 on a new PC running windows 10 Pro at computer startup but HS3 doesn't start properly. I see HS3 running as a task when auto started but it isn't really running properly. I'm loading it on a new computer in trial mode while an old dying computer is running Home control (HS3). I never see the start up screen that asks if I want to continue in trial mode or register and I don't see the speaker or web browser. I need to leave HS3 running for an extended time with no one home. I have it powered by a UPS and do weekly restarts to keep things working properly. Is there a startup launcher utility that will start up HS3 just like clicking the mouse on the HS3 icon?


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