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Hi there. I've just recently purchased and setup a HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller (system info below), and I've been installing Z-Wave dimmers and switches through the house. The dimmers I'm using are HS-WD100+, and the switches are "GE 45609 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch".

I've noticed a few times after including a new switch on my network, the HomeTroller stops responding for a couple minutes. After it comes back, ssh'ing in, I can see that it rebooted. I have logged in via ssh but I haven't changed anything in the Linux environment, it's just running the default HomeSeer software.

One of the times after it came back up, the Z-Tool+ app didn't seem to be working, and I eventually determined on the "Plugins -> Manage" page that the Z-Wave plugin was in some confused state. Turning the plugin off and on again fixed it, and I was able to include another device, and then of course the system crashed again...

Any ideas what's going on? Am I doing something weird? Do I have a bad HomeTroller? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Current Date/Time: 1/18/2018 11:48:41 AM
HomeSeer Version: HS3 ZEE S2 Edition
Linux version: Linux HomeTrollerZeeS2V2 4.1.19-v7+ #858 SMP Tue Mar 15 15:56:00 GMT 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux System Uptime: 0 Days 13 Hours 31 Minutes 29 Seconds
IP Address:
Number of Devices: 43
Number of Events: 10
Available Threads: 391

Enabled Plug-Ins Z-Wave