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Homeseer Zee S2 Insteon Plug In not working

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  • Homeseer Zee S2 Insteon Plug In not working

    Homeseer Zee S2 Insteon Plug Not Working
    I''ve done this at least ten times before but of course just before I'm going out to install 4 systems (Zee S2s) and I've purchased the Mark Sandler Insteon Plug in and none will recognize either a 2413s or 24513u using different cables and combinations. I know it has to be something stupid because this many 2413S' and the one 2413u and with different cables cannot be all bad.

    and the usb 2413u /dev/ttyUSB0


    BTW the HS Insteon Plug in doesn't respond either and that's with a 2413S or 2413U. One note the one Zee S2 was working now none work. Looking for suggestions?
    I've reset the 2413S and 2413U I've even tried a different 2413S. It's got to be something I'm missing but I'm starting to chase my tail. I have also post this to MS