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New messages disappear even if not read

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  • New messages disappear even if not read

    I've notices that when you click on either New Posts or CP that any of the post listed will disappear even if you've not read them the next time you click on them again.

    This is not the most common way that almost all of the forums that I visit are setup because if you don't have time to check all the new posts you loose them the next time you come in. I believe this is an vBulletin board and if I remember correctly this can be setup to allow the user to change this action. If not I would respectively request that this action be revisited so that unread posts won't disappear when visiting wither the CP or New Posts.

    Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
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    Personally I never use the new posts link. I always view the last two days posts using this link:

    If you have not read a post, it stays in bold.