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    Originally posted by harrympower View Post
    i try'd but, it is not working to lay in a ticket, the ticket system not let me register. so can not make a ticket.. :-( still no response from support. how it can be that a system that worked well for many years suddenly has to be registered again?
    Are you going here to log your tickets?


      yes, i try to make a account.
      the system respond "that my e-mail already in the system.
      and the forgot my password function not sending me a recovery mail?

      i try's to make a new account, with a different e-mail,.. no luck :-(

      i olso try'd the funktionLost or Forgotten License Codes

      It finds my code's,.. only when i click the butten sent the code's to your e-mail... nothing in my inbox.


        What is the best way to get some support with my homeseer product.
        i have try 'd
        * e-mail support......No response
        * e-mail sales..........No response
        * support ticket........ can not make a ticket becouse it's not working to make a account...don't get a registration mail.
        * Lost or Forgotten License Codes....... there where found my 3 licences...............only the mail with the codes dit not get to me?
        * FB messenger....... No response.

        The newsletters i get in my mail, so i think they can reach me.

        what can i try more..?