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  • Organized Bug Lists?

    rprade, thank you for this post. It looks like an easy mistake to make. Has anyone considered collecting all known HS3 bugs in one place, perhaps in a dedicated subforum somewhere? I keep reading here and there about known bugs, but their descriptions and workarounds are often hard to find (and remember).

    I recognize that one person's bug might sometimes be another's feature, and that many likely bugs turn out to be cockpit error. Such difficulties could be mitigated by making the repository (forum?) moderated by a group of highly experienced users.

    If the bug database were organized by topic, I think it could serve as an initial "go to" resource for people who are experiencing anomalies. Presumably, it would also be useful to the HS3 developers. When bug fixes were introduced, version numbers of the fixes could be appended to the entries.

    Just thinking....