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  • Account Problems

    The recent DB problems with the forum hosed my account. I have no idea nor does HS support. What this means though is that all of my private messages and communications are now gone. I've created this new account and waiting for things to be migrated to it. Until then I will have limited permissions/capabilities to participate on the forums and provide any help.

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    Welcome to the board !

    Lol seriously what a pain !


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      Yeah it's been interesting... but things happen right.


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        Yeah things are slowly getting back to normal. Different ID but that's ok now it's in sync with what I wanted to begin with and what I use on other forums

        My post count and little yellow bars thingy (whatever they mean) are still off. I think I have control of my sub-forums once again so I can post and approve posts. I'll find out today.

        Make sure you contact support about your forum account issue so they know who and how many were affected. I think they are opening a ticket with vBulletin support about this.