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Can't see images in some forum posts

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    Can't see images in some forum posts

    I have been having problems viewing some of the pictures other forum members upload to their posts. I have had at least one forum member comment that he could not see the picture I uploaded to a post. Here is the post where a member can't see the picture I posted

    I uploaded this picture using the image icon in the toolbar. I selected the image and then uploaded it to the server.

    Are other forum members experiencing this issue?

    I do not see images when viewing by "recent activity" but can when set to "posts".

    I also see lesser user information such as post count.

    In your example post, I do not see your doorbell.jpg pic.


      I always upload the attachment and add it to the message. I also can't see your file.


        I can't see the image either. There's the icon/filename, but it's not clickable for me.

        Click image for larger version

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