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    Rather than the thread based library could a downloads section be added to the forum?

    Take a look at SageTV's forums ( which is the same type of board but they have a nice downloads section where files can be posted with descriptions, screenshots, date added, etc.

    I believe it would be better than the current library because:
    • More organized
    • Uploaded files can get lost in the clutter of a thread
    • HST can make sure these files stay available to users
    • Host larger files than the forum posts currently allow
    • Can track ratings / most frequent downloads which will highlight to users what are popular plugins, scripts, HS Touch templates, etc.
    • One stop shop forum
    • Further encourage user contribution
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    Nice idea, however if HST don't have the time to fix the Private Messages (which is highly frustrating to many on this board), I very much doubt they have time to set this up either.


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      I think it's a great idea but, like Jon said, I don't think HST would have the time/resources to set this up.

      I do think that the Wiki would be the perfect place to showcase 3rd party plug-in and scripts. This way it would still be a part of the HomeSeer community. But, it would be the responsibility of the community to keep it updated.

      I looked into whether or not we could upload .zip's to the Wiki and right now we can't (only images). It should be just a setting that HST could change to allow plug-in/script authors to upload there work. In the meantime I would be more than willing to host the actual .zip file on my server, that can be linked to from the Wiki. Anybody that would like do this could sent me an email and I would set them up their own username/password so they could update/change the plug-in/script at will.

      I know Jon has offered to host other peoples work on his site too. So this should not be a problem.

      The Wiki can be and should be a wealth of information. It's just sitting there waiting for us, the community, to put our knowledge in there!
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        I never ran a forum, but wouldn't the download section really just be some configurations in the setup (i.e. turn in on and set some parameters)? Is there really that much to do to get it going.


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          Come on guys... let HS make their own excuses as to why they can't make a better, more user friendly method of documenting and organizing downloads/ updates. It is in HS best interest to make this mess more customer friendly and yes it is a mess.


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            Way to call it like it is. I would also add is PM broken or is it because they keep getting hit by some kind of automated forum spam attack? I know PM was shut down but I am not fully up to date on the reason(s).