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  • New Message Board Usergroups

    We've added some new usergroups to the message board for each new HomeSeer system. You can join any of these groups by opening your "User CP" and clicking on "Group Memberships". Once you've joined a group, you HomeSeer system icon will appear to the right of your avatar.

    Also, we've added usergroups for different post levels, starting at 1,000 posts. these will also appear to the right of your avatar and will look like this:
    Learn About HomeSeer

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    No UPB users group?

    HS3 : HSpro ( on Win2012 (vm on ESXi)
    Plugins: HSTouch, UPBSpud, Kinect, Nest, IFTTT, DirecTV, EasyTrigger, Imperihome, Zwave, RFXcom, UltraMon3, UltraWeatherBug3, UltraGCIR3, UltraLog3, UltraPioneer, PHLocation, Pushover, Pushalot, MCSSPrinklers S, JowiHue
    Jon00 Plugins: Bluetooth Proximity, Performance Monitor, DB Chart, Links