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  • Pete
    Your active back up stuff should have everything including all of the Homesee 2 stuff.

    No need to rebuild from scratch.

    Now if you went to a different PC / Motherboard / memory et al then just he directory of HS2 should do.

    This is where you can build a base of whatever OS you were using and just retrieve the HS2 directory.

    The easy button way is also to install the last version of HS2 you were using in the exact same directory that you were using it in.

    Then just write over that directory with your backup. All of your devices will be there. You will need to look at the specific serial ports if you used any and match those up.

    Here utilize(d) Digi Edgeport 8's and my HS2 boxes used two of these for 16 serial ports. I made up a little spreadsheet with the plugin / port list so I could refer to it and labeled each of the serial ports.

    That said you can change the default serial port com number to match your stuff or change your stuff to match the serial ports.

    Recently helped a Homeseerer in the UK relating to this serial port thing. Remotely connected I looked at the Digi Diagnostic stuff (virtual LEDs) to see what ports were being utilized. Not all were. I wrote the ports down. I then disabled all of the plugins, enabled one and tried each serial port I wrote down until one clicked and worked. I then went to the next one and did the same so forth and so on until all of the plugins worked. It was time consuming and straight forward and worked fine.
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  • John2eye
    started a topic Active Backup

    Active Backup

    My computer died and reloaded HS2 pro. I have backups on Active Backup but I don't know how to put my devices back from active backup.

    I also had DooMotion. Is there anywhere to get a download for this

    Thanks John