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    Newbie questions


    I am a newbie in this forum and I would like to get an advice on "programming" an event for smoke detectors.

    What kind of considerations shoul

    I have several Fibaro Smoke detectors in the house, and I have one siren.

    Should I create one event per smoke detector, triggering the siren, or should I create one event, with one IF statement for each smoke detector?


    You can do either. One event is less work but it won't know which smoke detector went off because any of them could have run the event. If you do go with the one event option it would be an OR IF not an AND IF between each trigger.
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      I would recommend setting up and event per just so it's easy to maintain where if you have an issue with one detector you know the event to check. You can also setup a group to keep the events organized.


        I would do each separate as well if you use pushover as you can have it send a message to your phone saying what one went off and if there are more than one going off you know it may be more than burned dinner