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Why would a non-derogatory thread be deleted?

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  • Why would a non-derogatory thread be deleted?

    I posted a thread asking if other users had this shareaholic menu thing pop up and the thread was deleted.

    I don't think it violated any of the policies here. I would not knowingly want to upset the community or HST.

    Deleteing a thread sends a very negative message to the poster. Now I have to ponder if I did something wrong. Why delete a thread instead of closing it or better yet posting a closing response?

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    It would seem HST may learn from their mistakes and the backlash of installing that annoying ad banner, but doesn't want it to remain public in this now deleted thread:

    I was also looking for additional AD blocking info in the deleted thread, but apparently that wouldn't be good for HST either...
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      No policies were violated but the thread had morphed into a "how to block ads" thread and please understand.. the ads on this site help offset the cost of maintaining this board so everyone can enjoy it. Blocking the ads defeats that very helpful mechanism for us.
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