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  • Approval Necessary?

    I understand that HomeSeer wants to control spam, offensive message, anything related to the competition that is negative to the own brand, etc. However, is it really necessary to only release messages after they have been approved by a moderator? This introduces a very significant time delay that could be completely eliminated, especially for active forums. Forums are a very significant part of the user experience and this delay has a negative influence on that experience.

    How about posting message immediately and then they are deleted/censored/etc later on? This would add a lot to a dynamics and active forum. I have participated in many forums and most of them that are of a similar nature like yours have well mannered and technical members that perceive this kind of monitoring in a negative way. I believe this excessive monitoring is doing more harm than good.

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    It is only for the first 5/10 posts to prevent spam accounts being setup, anything above that they are not pre-approved.


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      Got it. Thanks for the clarification. That's good to know.