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  • WINK !

    Will Wink Z Wave controllers from Home Depot work on HS2 systems?

    HS2 will see the IP address of my Wink but that's are far as I can get.
    Any suggestions?

    FYI: Currently using X-10 controllers and want to add a Wink Controller.

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    Wink is a hub, a locked down implementation of what Homeseer can do, only a lot less.

    I have a Wink Hub (which is only running about half the time because of their **** software.) Originally I had several GE Link (zigbee) light bulbs connected to it, along with a Pivot Power Genius, which is a controllable power strip. Due to the unreliability of the Wink Hub I broke down and picked up a Hue bridge and a couple more light bulbs and interface it to HS with the Jowihue plugin.

    The only thing I currently have connected to the Wink hub now is my pivot power genius. There is a workaround if you want to control Wink devices from Homeseer that aren't supported by HS or any of the plugins and that is IFTTT. I created virtual devices for each of the controllable outlets and when I want them off or on HS sends the command to IFTTT which then sends it to the Wink hub. If you are a tasker user there are also some projects out there that control the Wink hub through it's API as well.

    I can tell you this and it really isn't part of your question but I feel pretty strongly about it....I have been an HS user since 2001 and in the last few years I have tried Wink and Vera. Partly because I like gadgets and partly because I was looking for a lower cost alternative. You get what you pay for in capabilities AND in support. The Wink is a great idea and it has a lot of useful radios in there. It could have been an awesome controller but unfortunately the company behind it has chosen a different path in how it thinks things should run.


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      Originally posted by rmiles7721 View Post

      I have a Wink Hub (which is only running about half the time because of their **** software.)
      Bahaha. I didn't realize the forum would censor me. Probably a good idea.