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GoControl WI15Z-1 Z-Wave Irrigation Controller

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  • GoControl WI15Z-1 Z-Wave Irrigation Controller

    I purchased this valve from the HS Store, and while it added successfully to my Z-NET, I'm having an issue with the "Valve Fault" feature:

    With any number of valves connected, I get a "Valve Fault" error (blinking red Status LED, Active LED off). With no valves connected, I still get a "Valve Fault" error (blinking red Status LED), but the Active LED is Red. The valves and wiring work properly with 3 other controllers. I'm wondering if the Valve Fault Detection is faulty in this unit, if the Valve Fault Detection can be turned off, or should I just return the controller?

    I contacted HS Support on 3/10/2017, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

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    Valve Fault

    There is a command to set the valve configuration which includes the minimum and maximum current that a valve should have.

    If you don't have a valve installed for that zone then the current will be too low. That will be a fault.


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      I didn't see these commands in the instructions. Where can I get a list of available commands?

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        This may be trivial and you probably have checked this but make sure the power adapter you use with this controller is 18v DC and no higher and not the traditional 24vac the other sprinkler controllers use.

        Addition: you might want to test the voltage output of the power adapter to make sure it is putting out 18vdc. Polarity of the two wires in relation to where they go in the terminals does not seem to matter. But I have the wire with the striping on the right terminal for power just for reference. Also try excluding it then reset it. To reset push front button 5 times and on 6th push hold it down for 15 seconds or so and release. Then try including again.

        I am also using z-wave plugin version
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          I also purchased a Wl15VZ-1 GoControl Irrigation Controller however do not seem to see how to wire it properly to work with a 24vAC system. Has anyone successfully done this? Using the 18v DC adaptor seems to run the unit properly but does not open my valves or turn on my pump (well). Does the 24V AC transformer get wired in somehow as well?

          Thanks in advance