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aeon labs ds805-zwus motion sensor

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  • aeon labs ds805-zwus motion sensor

    I have an old Aeon Labs Montion Sensor, I believe the model number is ds805-zwus. It connects with no problem in HS3 but the settings tab is grayed out. I don't have the instructions for it anymore and can't find anything online about it. Anyone have any idea how to gt the settings tab to work?

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    The sensor is a battery operated device. It is normally sleeping which prevents you from accessing the settings. You need to apply power to it or press the button 3 times quickly to wake it up for 10 minutes.

    All Aeotec manuals can be found here:


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      I have this same sensor and the motion is almost always showing "Motion". And actually none of the sensors seem to update correctly. The red light is always on. I have it on a USB connection. I upgraded it to the latest firmware (1.18) and am currently running on HS3 v on Windows 10. It seems to register correctly since I'm getting settings for everything....but none of the sensors seem to update very frequently. I just moved this off of a SmartThings hub where it was working correctly. It even tests correctly when I "Test Connectivity". Does the Polling Interval need to be changed to get this to work correctly? Does anyone have this sensor working correctly?