...actually nothing much is working.

Not sure why there's not a ADIO-100 sub-forum. Since Homeseer sells this.

Anyway, I just got it and hooked it up. Problems:
-Left side 5vdc reference to ground shows 5v (no duh)
-Right side 5vdc reference to ground _not_ showing anything (0v); doesn't matter which 5vdc or which ground on the right side (of course I checked the seating of the connector)
-Config'd Bit0 and Bit7 as output; use Dev Mgmt to turn them on; log verifies; zero volts on either bit referenced to Gnd; it should show 12v (I'm assuming)
-Tie Analog Chan7 to 5vdc. Turn it on in the plug-in manager. DevMgr shows blank; no log entry; but...
-If I disconnect that jumper, DevMgr shows 0

Defective unit? The plug-in appears to work fine (hence not posting there).