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  • Honeywell Wifi Thermostats

    I am trying to get confirmation on a couple of Honeywell thermostats and find out if they are Zwave compatible or not, in particular the Wifi 9000 and RTH9580WF. It does not appear to be the case but I want to make sure before I make any purchase. Thanks for your feedback in advance.

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    I believe the nomenclature that Honeywell uses would have a ZW in the 8th and 9th positions.

    ZW - Z-Wave
    WF - Wifi

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      I have two RTH9580 and they are not z-wave compatible. They are wifi. I bought the Honeywell Wifi Thermostat plugin and it works very well with this t'stat.

      This is accomplished by the plugin logging in to your Honeywell account and sending/receiving data as needed. This makes it easy to either command the t'stat via events or create events that react to conditions in the house.

      For me the important thing is that the t'stat operate totally independent of the system used whether z-wave or wifi. The Honeywell will continue to function as a t'stat if internet or z-wave is lost.


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        Appreciate your feedback, gents. I have a plug-in for the Netatmo weather station and it operates the same way you described, in that it logs in to your account and issues commands from there. I do like the Honeywell user interface but I prefer to control my devices locally. In the end I don't even want to touch the thermostat but have the temperature adjusted using one or more events in HS. Thanks again.


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          I'm currently using a Honeywell wifi thermostat and have been for 3 years. It replaced a Honeywell remote telephone access control and thermostat that went belly up. My need is to be able to control it remotely. I've had a few times when I could remotely control HS but the thermo was offline. That is a big problem for me. I'm about to replace the wifi thermo with a new z-wave thermo from GoControl. That will bring it into the HS control which has been very solid.

          Just my 2 cents.


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            I control all my devices remotely via I ended up buying a Trane XL624 to replace a broken Gig CT-30; I will post a little follow-up once it's installed.


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              FYI, you can control your Honeywell thermostats remotely via my plugin if you have them installed already. (Note that control has to go through their central servers, so it's not the same as local ZWave options...)