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GE portable motion sensor model 34193

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  • GE portable motion sensor model 34193

    Has anyone had success or experience with this device?

    Really nice form factor for basic motion reporting, however I am unable to get any reporting from the module.

    Device registers OK but does not report any updates.

    The device 'sees' motion as it flashes whenever it has reset and new motion is present, but again does not report anything to HS3.

    Would seem the issue is with the protocols used in reporting to HS3, and at this point I think I have to conclude that this device is just not compatible which is really surprising for a basic device supporting Z-Wave+.

    Some but not all of the things I've tried

    -Woken the device and managed to update the polling and wake up settings.
    -Deleted, excluded, factory reset and re-added. Same experience.
    -New batteries.
    -Changed device to 'basic set' of reporting (device setting option).
    -Changed device to 'basic report'.

    Any thoughts or experience??

    I'm on

    Thanks - Paul.

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    I picked up a couple yesterday from Amazon for $26 each, I'll have them tomorrow and I hope I have better luck.
    Let you know


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      Hope so, I was planning to get more as again for basic motion they seem well suited, though would prefer a customizable minimum reset of 4mins, though this may be configurable.

      I have now seen a battery update from the device, but nothing else reported to HS3.

      Fingers crossed otherwise it's going back.


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        Paul, Mine got here 30 minutes ago and they are already working for me. I pulled the battery plastic off and used the non secure include from HS3 and off to the races. They report very fast and seem to be fine, I am on and Z-wave both the newest I believe.


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          Portable and Z-Wave sort of do not go together. Once you add it and place it in it's final location be sure to optimize it so the routing is correct. Also remember if you move it you will need to optimize the network again.


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            Rupp, I'm sure you mean well, but why does Homeseer sell battery devices if they don't work right, anyway these can be line powered as well so they repeat signals. The newer Zwave stuff is rock solid for me.


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              Originally posted by lj502 View Post
              Rupp, I'm sure you mean well, but why does Homeseer sell battery devices if they don't work right, anyway these can be line powered as well so they repeat signals. The newer Zwave stuff is rock solid for me.
              These work just fine. Are you having issues?


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                Rupp see lead/first post...


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                  Wow, maybe I got a duffer. It is occasionally reporting motion, but then stays as 'On-Open-Motion'. I don't think I specified non-secure, so will try that specifically and update here. Glad they are working for you at least, great price point too.


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                    I tried non-secure add and now only get a 'Sigma Notification Sensor' and no child devices. In that incarnation it is not reporting anything, nor does the device acknowledge any movement by flashing. I think I have a bad example here.

                    OK, it did subsequently add the child nodes, but still no joy. It just does not report status/updates. I'm ready to call it a day on this.
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                      I had quite a fit with one last night. Just picked up 3 from Walmart @ $19 ea.

                      I initially got it to include without using non-secure. Created a root+3 devices. Gave initial battery @ 100 but wouldn't report motion.

                      Did a bunch of combinations of exclude, factory reset, include, change reporting type, etc. After some fails, I finally have it somehow reporting motion but it seems like on the wrong device, and battery @ 0% and not updating.

                      Motion is coming on the "Home Security" device as a text string "Motion Detected Unknown Location" instead of where I expect it on the Sensor Binary Motion device, which always stays "Off-Closed-No Motion".

                      Going to try a non-secure inclusion just to see if anything changes.


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                        Excluded. Excluded again just for fun, and got a response from HS that it completed which I thought was odd since there should be nothing to do.

                        Included non-secure, and it added the same 4 devices. Got 100% battery to appear correct, but still getting motion updates on the wrong (at least to me) device.
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                          I needed to update my z-wave plug-in. The latest beta installed, then exclude and re-include, works fine and as expected!


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                            I am only able to associate the root device with an item and that does not seem to turn the item on/off with the motion setting. Did you need to set an event on the Motion setting to control anything?


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                              Has anyone been able to get these motion sensors to control another node via Association? I get only one Group and no option for Destination Endpoint. It seems I should have more Groups based on the limited information in the manual which came with the unit. The second image is the Root device which, as can be seen, shows no status. I have another motion sensor, an older Aeon Labs unit, and do not see the Destination Endpoint option in that either. It also has the Root device showing as the GE unit and I am fairly certain the only thing I did to have it directly turn on/off a light switch was set the association. The Aeon unit also only shows 1 Association Group. Interestingly, I thought it had multiple Groups in an older version of HomeSeer.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	HS_GE_Motion1.png
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Size:	41.8 KB
ID:	1194968

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	HS_GE_Motion2.png
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Size:	83.2 KB
ID:	1194969

                              HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition
                              Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
                              Number of Devices: 96
                              Number of Events: 28
                              Available Threads: 200

                              Enabled Plug-Ins