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What to switch to. Using X10 now.

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  • What to switch to. Using X10 now.

    I have been using X-10 technology for over 20 years. It works well but it is getting harder to find interfaces that work with HS and there is a delay from when a command is give until it executes. The delay is only a second or two but presents a problem for some of my setup. I control everything from lights to sprinkler system to waterfall in my pond to a gas fireplace.

    I am looking to upgrade to a new technology and would appreciate suggestions on which way to go and what is required in way of controllers. I will need outlet modules, wall switches (both 2 and 3-way), contact closure that supports low voltage (x10 powerflash module) and contact input devices like the X10 Universal Module. Price is a concern as is the variety of control devices.

    Any input would be appreciated. I am running HS3 on a PC in a Windows 10 environment.

    Thanks in advance

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    HomeSeer works well with Z-Wave, Insteon, and UPB at the same time. My advice is always find the device that does what you need and uses one of these protocols and you should be set.


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      My preference is UPB and Simply Automated Switches.