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  • Z-wave habilities

    Hi, I do not currently play with the groups or scene etc, with the z wave protocol. Currently, all my main lights ( the wall switches) are Lutron. And I have somewhat 8-11 z-wave devicea ( sensors, energy outel, on/off outlet, etc)

    So here is a general question : Do z-wave device can communicate with each other without the need to report themselves to the z-stick? If yes, is it done by the group function?
    So if that works the way I think.. it would be possible to use a motion sensors as a trigger to to turn on z-wave light ( talking to each other)...and a lot faster than now with Lutron and HS3 in the mix.

    Can someone give me an example of this?

    I will try to turn on a binary zwave outlet when a sensor capture motion. Then , I'll maybe start to buy some of the new hs-WD200, and keep my Lutron'S one for when there is no neutral)