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Help with what devices to use for Outdoor

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  • Help with what devices to use for Outdoor

    Hi all,
    I'm looking to do the following but can't seem to find anything that will work:
    1. Notify when a driveway gate is Open/Closed
    2. Notify when a mailbox door is Open/Closed

    I already tested distance of these locations with a standard Dome Window/Door sensor and it works perfect... problem is it's not outdoor rated.

    Any suggestions on how I could do this or what to use? As I'm sure the Gate sensor will get wet from rain, but the mailbox unit will probably be fine if I put the sensor inside the box and on the top... issue is with winter temperatures even though it almost never gets below 20F here.

    Thanks all!

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    I use this one for mailbox alerts. Works well. Long distance. Could use one for both. It sends a push notification and email so you can use the email part in an event. This company myspool has a gas alert also which is hard to find. Same notifications as mailbox alert.


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      For my backyard gate, I found an article online, which I can't seem to find online right now....

      Basically, I used a Z-wave dry contact sensor (Aeotec ZW097 Dry Contact Sensor), that I mounted in a weatherproof junction box, and made sure to seal the openings to keep water/bugs/etc. out.

      On the gate, I used a magnetic reed switch. I can't remember exactly where I ordered the switch from (maybe ebay?).

      Once I got it setup, it has worked great. I had to do some tweaking on gap placement of reed switch. I will try to take some pictures and post here...


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        Go to this page: