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Popp thermostat z-wave POPE010101

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  • Popp thermostat z-wave POPE010101

    I like to buy a Popp radiatorthermostat POPE010101 this month.

    Is there someone who has experience with this Popp thermostat z-wave or someone who knows something from this thermostat?

    I use HS3 version and the pluginn z-wave version at windows 7.
    My z-wave devices at home are connected with the Aeon z-stick or with the Gen 5 stick. No problems at all the last 2-3 years.

    Kind regards Wim

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    I heard that the Popp radiator thermostat a newer version is from the Danfoss LC13 z-wave thermostat.
    Has someone experience with the Danfoss LC13 and can you tell me something about it?
    Also the battery has a life of several weeks, I heard from some people. And if the battery is very ;low, the thermostat is opening itself so the warm water is going into the radiator.
    I decided to buy another thermostat.

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      I'm using several of the Eurotronic Spirit and one Popp TRV.

      The Eurotronics are ugly and a bit noisy, but they happily report temperature, thermostat and valve position on changes, they support FLiRS so updates are quick even though they're battery devices, and accuracy around the target temperature is good - +/- 0.25 C in a closed room, and fairly quick reaction even in a room with sun or when changing the setpoint (e.g. overnight). They also show setpoint with a decimal place and manually adjust by 0.5 C.

      The Popp is awful, it is consistently > 1 C too warm and seems to change very slowly; I'm not sure it is really doing anything! This lack of tracking accuracy, combined with the lack of FLiRS, and no decimal places on thermostat, means I would strongly recommend against it.


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        I've replaced my Popp thermostat with a Eurotronic, and placed the Popp next to it - strangely, the Popp is still showing the temperature as tracking 1.5 C higher than the setpoint on the Eurotronic !

        I think it is simply reporting the wrong temperature; unfortunately none of the documentation I can find lists the parameters so I can't confirm this. Have sent the question to Popp, maybe they will clarify.