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  • Fibaro FIB_FGT-001

    I bought a Fibaro thermostat type FIB_FGT-001 this week. It is an EU z-wave thermostat for on a radiator.
    It was easy to read in HS3 with the gen-5 stick.
    The thermostat is not placed on a radiator, while I like to see first or everything works fine.
    1 line gives a failure. This is perhaps while the firmware is not up to date.

    There are several lines in Homeseer to see when the device is included. Can someone say what those line do?

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    Is it a safe solution to update the Fibaro device directly with Homeseer?
    Or must I use another programm, like Z-wave PC Converter?


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      I think the only way to update firmware is via a Fibaro console. Were you able to download the latest firmware?


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        No I didn't do it, because I'm not sure if the thermostat will still work after updating the firmware with homeseer. The update of firmware to a Fibaro device is only possible with a Fibaro controller.

        Here short my experience with this thermostat in Homeseer.
        - There thermostat looks nice. The led lights come up if something is changed by the thermostat. The explenation of the color can you find in de the manual, which is to download on the Fibaro site.
        - With a usb contact you can load the battery.
        - Also wenn you turn the thermostat by hand, you see also the led light. Colder is colder colors and warming up is warm colors.
        - Including this thermostat in Hiomeseer is no problem. Do it with security including and with the gen-5 stick. If you included the thermostat without security, you get failures like in my first attachment.
        - In Homeseer you see several lines.
        - No functionalities are given or changing on the thermostat or in Homeseer. For instance: If something changes like the the passage of water in the radiator Is it closed or open. You can't see that in Homeseer and on the thermostat.
        - I you give an new value of temperator in Homeseer, not happens at the thermostat. No light on. No change in the passage.
        - I you change by hand the temperatur. You see the led light is coming up to warm colors. But further nothing happens.
        - In Homeseer and on the thermostat you can't see or the thermostat properly works.
        - Excluding the thermostat is also easy to do with Homeseer
        - Fibaro and supplier has called me and said to me to send the thermostat back to the supplier. No further sollution was given.

        I am not sattisfied with this thermostat of Firaro.

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