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zwave devices stopped responding HS3Pro/Aeon USB Stick

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  • zwave devices stopped responding HS3Pro/Aeon USB Stick

    Hey Folks...having an issue and wondered if anyone can point me to a resolution.
    Installed new network infrastructure and my HS PC rebooted and reverted to default config file. After I reloaded my custom config, none of my zwave devices will respond to commands. I can see the commands issued in the log, but the devices don't respond. I forced a zwave scan and all the devices reported in to the controller ok. I unplugged/re-plugged the Aeon stick and the blue light is on.

    Also, how can I make HS3 load my config file on startup?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Update for additional troubleshooting: I also ran the zwave utility to test connectivity with all nodes and they were all communicating with the interface. I assume this was a 2-way communication, so I don't understand why the commands that are being sent don't work. I also reset the interface.


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      In case anyone Is interested, I finally resolved this by updating the z-wave plug-in and it magically started working.