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New to HS and Z-wave - Dimmer Brightness Question

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  • New to HS and Z-wave - Dimmer Brightness Question

    Hi All,

    Just starting out with HS and Z-wave. Had a few questions hoping somebody can assist:

    1) What is the difference between 'Secure' and 'Non-Secure' when Binding Z-wave devices? I have been binding Non-Secure and everything seems to function OK
    2) I have a Aeotec Dimmer device connected, however i cannot seem to get it to run at Full Brightness (seems like its operating at like maybe 80-90% even though its at 'Max'


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    Secure uses encryption between the controller and the node. That's more important for things like locks and garage door controllers than for dimmers and switches. For the Aeotec dimmer do you have an LED bulb controlled by it? Different types of dimmers modify the AC waveform going to the bulb in different ways, so it may be that the particular bulb you use does not perform well with that dimmer circuit. You could try a different bulb, or just live with it.
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      Hi sparkman, thanks for your comment - for the Aeotec Dimmer, i managed to work it out. I learnt how to set configuration parameters to the device. What i did was specify parameter 132 (brightness controls) - and used a value of 99. Somehow this managed to get my brightness back to what it was. I am connecting to a chain of LED downlights.