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How to Upgrade and Divide Z-wave Network?

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  • How to Upgrade and Divide Z-wave Network?

    I currently use a Z-troller as my Z-wave interface. I recently purchased a SmartStick+. I would like to move most of my nodes to the SmartStick+, but keep a few nodes on the Z-troller (holiday nodes which are not always energized). Is it possible to divide my current nodes between the two interfaces while maintaining all of my current devices and events?

    I'm not sure what type of conflicts might arise and, of course, I would like to avoid crashes/clashes that might mess up my current nodes and/or events. My initial thought was to try the following steps:

    1. back up the Z-troller
    2. disconnect the Z-troller
    3. restore that backup to the SmartStick+
    4. delete holiday nodes from SmartStick+
    5. disconnnect SmartStick+
    6. connect Z-troller
    7. delete all main nodes (not holiday) from Z-troller
    8. reconnect SmartStick+
    9. live happily ever after

    Should that approach work? Will my nodes and events remain intact? Or is there some other way to assign certain nodes to a different interface?


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    To divide you must remove the device from the controller it's associated with and then add it to a second network. So you would have two networks and each would have a set of devices.


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      Thanks for the response. So, if I duplicate my entire network (by backing up from z-troller and restoring to smartstick), could I then delete the unwanted devices from each network, or will the events be destroyed?