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Automating a sauna using a QUBINO z-wave plus switch + temp sensor

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  • Automating a sauna using a QUBINO z-wave plus switch + temp sensor

    Researching options to use a Z-wave Plus device to control turning on and measuring the temp of my sauna so I can set it like a thermostat on a my HVAC system.

    There is a 24V relay inside my electric sauna heater that closes contacts to activate the heater using an analog rotary timer and temp sensor combo. My idea was to intercept the 24V + and - for the relay and allow activation directly using a Z-wave switch. I am not really familiar with the options, but I found this QUBINO Z-WAVE PLUS UNIVERSAL RELAY MODULE WITH DRY CONTACT SWITCH ZMNHND3 which can also have an optional temp sensor attached. Does anyone know if this would work in what I described?

    I would simply connect to the 24V relay and active it using Homeseer based on a temp.

    Open to other ideas of anyone has them. Not looking to get into a more complex setup as someone else in the forums here described where you have to create your own custom board. I picked the QUBINO also because the temp sensor goes up to 240F which is great for a Sauna. Other temp sensors are like 160F max.

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    I use that relay with a temp sensor to regulate my hot water recirc system. Simply enough it's taped to the return pipe and set for a temp that works for my needs.

    But this is a 120v relay, I don't see where this can work with 24v.


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      Thx Racerfern. Are you simply using the QUBINE to cutoff 120V to your recirc. pump when a certain temp is reached? I am still trying to figure out how this thing works. I did read the manual and the schematic isn't very intuitve. There is a Q1 set of contacts and a LINE which I believe is for supplying power to the QUBINO (says it also supports 24v power source), but it still doesn't quite make sense to me. Were you able to get I1 and I2 recognized in Homeseer? I read I2 does not work in Homeseer, but I do not need that anyway.


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        I don't use I1 or I2. 120v from line to quibino. Wiring from Qubino to pump. IIRC, you plug in the temp sensor and either rescan or exclude/include. After that HS3 will show the temperature.

        Then I have an event using Easytrigger that has different time schedules for hot, lukewarm and off. Example: 5am-6am if the temp drops below 75F then turn the pump on for 1 minute. My sensor is almost back at the hot water heater return line. So if it's 75 there, the rest of the pipe is plenty hot.

        Click image for larger version

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          A bit more info:
          I don't poll the sensor. It reports automatically on a temperature change. So it's just a matter of having the event do the work for you. Of course you could connect I1 to a manual switch and that would also activate the Qubino. I don't think you would want or need I1 in HS since it should be a manual switch.

          I just realized I have the ZMNHAD3 so it's not a dry contact, however all the functions appear to be the same with the exception of separate supply line voltage for the dry contact portion.


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            Thanks racerfern. This is very helpful and I think this tells me I can probably use the dry contact version for my application. If it works I will post up how to automate an electric sauna heater using a Zwave relay which is lot easier (IMO) than messing with an Arduino IDE or similar device.