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SEL and Zee compatability

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    SEL and Zee compatability

    I have a Zee that I've outgrown. I'm ready to buy an SEL but I still need a z-wave interface. Can I use the Zee as that interface without having to live with the 5 plug-in limit. IOW, the SEL is the controller and the Zee is just the z-wave interface.

    Or do I need to buy a z-stick or z-net or some other manufacturer's z-stick?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I believe that the Zee and Z-Net hardware is identical. So you can convert a Zee to a Z-Net by changing the software. The pertinent application is called ser2net and is reasonably simple to set up. Alternately, though I'm not sure of the licensing implications, Homeseer Rich has posted a znet SD card image on the forum. (I linked someone to it recently to help recover a failed SD card).