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HomeTroller SEL not booting

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    HomeTroller SEL not booting

    HomeTroller SEL Pro with HS3 giving following error when attempting to boot HS3:

    error: failure reading sector 0x802 from 'hd0'
    error:no such partition.
    error:no such partition.
    error:no such partition.

    and then returns to the GNU GRUB menu with the option to load HomeSeer or System Restore. Choosing System Restore gives similar errors (don't get the sector error, but get the partition errors). I would like to try to get into the drive to extract configuration files that are not corrupted if at all possible, but realize this means I will likely need to try to boot the system from a USB drive. It seems like i'm going to need to replace the HomeTroller (under warranty still, thankfully).

    Can anyone point me to a reference/download where I can put a bootable linux file on a USB and then a command reference for copying files via linux (presuming it's all command prompt work)?

    Not very familiar with linux command prompt, but used to make MS Dos sing back in the day. I realize this isn't really a HomeSeer issue, but general web search has been fruitless for me so far

    Best wishes,
    HomeTroller SEL Pro 3.0.0.???
    Mark Sandler Insteon plugin
    Loads of Insteon devices (~60)

    Having this exact same issue on a brand new box -- did you ever find a solution?