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SEL versus Hometroller S6

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  • wienog2
    Well Pete,

    I was struggling with the same question when I discovered some days ago that Homeseer solved our problem: none of the boxes are available anymore. Support tells me that 'new' boxes wil be available 'in a month or two'. That's all. I tried to order an S6 through Amazon and a SelPro through Vesternet. In both cases, the order went thru, the money went from my account but after two or three days I got the same message from both sellers: Sorry these devices are not available anymore and will never become available again.
    Does anyone here know anything about what to expect from the new boxes from Homeseer ? If they ever materialise ?

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    started a topic SEL versus Hometroller S6

    SEL versus Hometroller S6

    I have been using Hometroller for years and now I need a new installation in a second house. This will be (at least initially) a much smaller installation (I have something lilke 700 devices and I don't know how many events installed at home). I expect this new one to include two Zwave interfaces (there are two buildings 250 feet apart---i suspect zWave wont cover that distance natively so I'll need a second Znet device) controlling 8 or 10 lights, 3 thermostats, a couple of locks, probably a water sensor or two and a zWave shut off. I might add sprinklers at some point and an interface to weather underground (don't see any reason to install my own weather station since there is a perfectly good one, accessible on WU at the airport adjacent to me) so events can be driven based on weather. I may also want to set up some monitoring of computers/phone system through one or more of the third party plugins. Is the SEL Pro sufficient or will I find it lacking compared to the Hometroller S6? Are most plug-ins compatible with SEL? Is scripting similar (or identical) to scripting on the Windows based Hometroller? In short will SEL do what I need or am I better off spending another $500 to get the box I am familiar with?