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Hometroller SEL HS3 internet access

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    Hometroller SEL HS3 internet access

    My unit stopped working; it boots and gets to the GUI, but Chrome error says that the address is not valid. Looking at the log, it shows that it is trying to use a previous ip address ( that no longer works because I have a different router. The router says that the unit is assigned to, but the unit is not aware of this.

    How do I update the IP address without access to the HomeSeer Web Control interface?
    I am unfamiliar with unix and couldn't find how to change the config file (/user/local/HomeSeer/Config/settings.ini), which still shows the address.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    The startup log now shows the correct address, but shows an error that the port is in use. I've tried ports of 80, 8000 and 8001, all with the same error.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.