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How to image SEL to USB drive ?

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    How to image SEL to USB drive ?

    With HomeSeer Support's "help" I was finally able to restore my SEL to HS4 after a factory reset. A very sad and disappointing story. Anyway, thanks to this forum, I succeeded. Can anyone recommend a product to image the SEL's internal drive to a USB drive or stick ?
    I use rsync to back up the /usr/local/HomeSeer directory every time I make a significant change but I'd like to be able to restore the whole drive and avoid all the formatting and partitioning.
    I own 5 licenses for Acronis 2021 which works with EXTn, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    I realize this isn’t exactly what you’re asking, but what I did was pull the SSD from my SEL, and clone it to a new SSD. I saved the old one as a backup and am using the new one.

    I used the Startech SATDOCK2REU3dual bay duplicator dock. For the SSD, a Transcend 370S (TS32GSSD370S). The one that was in there was a Transcend 370 FWIW. Both products purchased off Amazon.