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SEL Wireless disconnects

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    SEL Wireless disconnects

    On occasion my SEL will disconnect from wireless and not reconnect. I log into the box and I can see the wireless is disconnected. I can't see the network it should connect to. I can see other networks. I reboot the SEL and all is well again. This happens every few weeks or so.

    I saw some really old threads (2014) on wireless stability that I can't imagine still apply to me but maybe they do. I hesitate to move the SEL to the router because then I have to move it to get into if I lose network to it.

    I have not yet dug into the OS logs on the SEL since I'm not a power Linux user but I may do that next. Hoping this is some sort of known issue people deal with all the time. For now I have just been living with the fact that I have to log in and reboot my SEL every few weeks.

    HS4 Pro Edition (Linux)
    MONO Version
    Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Thu Apr 11 09:14:25 UTC 2019)


    Did you figure this out?