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SEL not restarting after power outage

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    SEL not restarting after power outage

    previously my SEL would automatically reboot after a power outage. Over the last several weeks, the SEL will not reboot on its own. I can press the power button and it will boot.
    There are remote (2014) threads about this but I found nothing recent that would incorporate HS 4 pro. Any help would be appreciated.

    solved the issue--bought an HS Plus. Waiting for it to arrive.
    Actually I replaced the onboard 2032 battery and the system did reboot after power outage. Problem remained that the system did not initiate and I had to hook up monitor keyboard and mouse to log in and get system working.
    Considered just taking a big leap to the HS pro but the add on software included needs a windows system and I am a Mac user.