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Can not log in to Homeseer SEL

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    Can not log in to Homeseer SEL

    I am VERY new to this. I just purchased the SEL ($400 version). When it arrived I had trouble trying to add my Z-Wave devices to the controller, I did not realize I needed to purchase a Z-Stick as well. So I ordered the Aeon Labs Z-Stick online the same day my controller was delivered to the house. I was able to plug the controller into my router, go to, search for the controller, a hyperlink appeared, then after clicking the link it allowed me to make the back end changes on the system (that were not controlling anything because of the lack of Z-Stick). I also registered for an account on the website (which made me enter the LIC ID and PSWD found on a sticker under the controller) that day as well.

    The Z-Stick arrived today so I am trying to set up the system. When I go to and search for devices nothing populates. When I go to and try my user name and password I get an invalid username/password error. If I put my email address as the username and my password in the page times out. I can not figure out what is different between today and the last time I was able to login.

    Any suggestions? I'm sure this is a dumb mistake on my part, but I have not made any changes I can think of that should now deny access.

    I did read that you can plug in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor directly to the controller, but of course I don't have a USB keyboard or mouse.

    Did you add your Z-Wave devices to the Z-Stick? You can log onto the device if you know the ipaddress of the device. ie