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    HomeTroller SEL - Insteon Devices

    Good day/night all,

    I'm looking to purchase this product but I'm also told to purchase the Smarthome 2413U PLM. Would I also need to purchase the Smarthome Hub Controller along with the HomeSeer HSInsteon Software Plug-in for HS3?

    Is there actually a write up or documentation on connecting this setup? I'm only seeing for Z-waves. Would really appreciate some help on this.

    Thank you

    HomeSeer in terms of "support out of the box" is definitely more geared towards Z-Wave. I would recommend using a third-party plug-in for Insteon, which I think (?) has better support. Look on this forum for this plug-in -- I can't recall the name of the developer.

    Insteon support isn't specific to the SEL as compared to other HomeSeer systems. I will say that as an owner of two SELs, I love them. Rock solid.