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System transfer from Zee S2 to SEL

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    I was able to get that file (the Z-wave backup) over to the SEL.
    I was able to do the restore and it found 42 nodes but none had any info.
    I then did a full optimization on the nodes.
    This yielded most of the devices (none of the battery powered devices as I could not wake them at the necessary time).
    The biggest issue is of all the nodes that it added, none have the names or room/floor info from the ZeeS2. They are all set to defaults as if I had manually added each one as a brand new device.
    Also none of my events transferred over to the SEL.
    I'm thinking the restore from the backup via Tools -> setup didn't work correctly, too much is missing.

    Should the other plug-ins transferred in this process or do I need to get those all reinstalled individually?

    There has to be a lot of other info missing from the restore, at this point it is about the same amount of work to go fix all the names vs. remove all the devices and re-add them to the SEL. The really lengthy task will be recreating the events.

    I'm still thinking it might be worth factory resetting the SEL and trying again (if I can figure out what I missed to make it go better).


      If your Zee is old enough to be running mono version 3.2.8, then the events won't come across. To get those, you need to export them on the Tools->Setup "Labs" tab 'Export Events'. Then import them via 'Import Events' on the SEL.

      You'll need to install each plugin, but the license info and some/most of the config info should come across. Some plugins better than others.


        Thanks I'll give that a shot before I do a factory reset and start from scratch.
        For now I'm going to power down the SEL while not working on it and the ZeeS2 seems to still be controlling things well.
        I updated mono a while back for a plug-in, I think I'm running 5.18.0


          Check what version of mono was delivered on the SEL. Hopefully it's fairly current.


            The SEL was delivered with 5.20 mono.
            Do these need to be the same for the transfer to work properly?


              No, if both are in the 5's it should be fine.