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SEL vs Zee - Need Help Choosing

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    SEL vs Zee - Need Help Choosing

    I am a legacy HS2 user.
    I have a Win7-PC based HS2 system that has been running for years.
    I have a HS3 License I pre-ordered, but never upgraded.
    As 99% of any problems we have had have been win7 problem, not HS, we really want a Unix based system...

    WE ARE MOVING and I get to Rebuild from Scratch. (Yea, I think?)

    Our New config will be very simple
    • Zwave for lights, locks, motion, sensors, etc
    • HS NetCam for video capture
    • AirPlay for announcements
    • IFTTT for outside trigger events
    • Face recognition (is it available on Zee/Sel?)
      (My wife wants the front door to unlock when she walks up,
      IFTTT is an option as well or any other sensor like BT)

    I would guess we will have about 50 events including time of day, Sunrise/sunset, manual, IFTTT, and Alexa triggered events.

    Is the Zee slow compared to my Old win7 PC? is the Zee slow compared to the SEL? Has anyone upgraded a Zee or Sel Hardware? How about a Quadcore-4GB-32GB Sel ??

    What pushes people to get the SEL, or SEL-Pro over the Zee?

    Like I said, I am used to my 1.8ghz-2Gig Win7 Celeron HS2 system tucked in the basement. All it runs is HS2. We ignore it unless win7 hiccup's and I have to re-boot. (its on a UPS so it is VERY stable)

    The biggest limitation of the Zee-S2 is the five plugin limit. It only has 1Gb of memory and it gets taxed pretty hard at times. I just did buy a new SEL this week and the difference in performance is day and night. The web performance is very much improved with the additional power of the SEL. I installed 8Gb of memory in the SEL and am very pleased with it.

    The Zee-S2 has the interface card built in; the SEL does not. You will either need to use a USB controller such as a Z-Stick to interface your network with the SEL (or one or more Z-Nets).


      I upgraded from an original Zee to the SEL. The speed itself is nice to have. If you think you'll be upgrading at any point in the next few years, I'd go ahead and buy the SEL at this time, just to save yourself from any potential headache in moving your system over.

      My SEL (actually two of them in two houses) have been rock solid. You do lose out on a few Windows-only plug-ins, but when I leave my SEL alone, they just hum in the background and don't require any maintenance, rebooting, whatever, ever.

      At one house we lost Internet for a few months, and so I was unable to even log in remotely to check on things. It dutifully watered the lawn every day (I had my sprinklers hooked directly up to Z-Wave relays -- so if the system went down, the lawn wouldn't be watered).