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Will Fixture Work With Dimmer?

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  • Will Fixture Work With Dimmer?

    Hi folks -

    I have a set of HD-200+ dimmers and they are working great with my LED cans and fixtures.

    But I got one fixture (this one) buzzes horribly when dimmed between about 1% and 90%. It's advertised as dimmable, so we called the manufacturer and they said it is dimmable but not compatable with smart switches. I didn't realize that was even a thing.

    My wife also likes this fixture and we're considering replacing the one that buzzes with that. We don't want to hit the same issue, so we callend the manufacturer - they said it was dimmable and would work with "lumens smart automation" but wasn't sure about anything else. He didn't instill confidence.

    Hoping people here can help confirm that the 2nd light fixture won't have the buzzing issue.


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    Not compatible with smart switches sounds like an utter load to me. AFAIK smart dimmers work with phase cut dimming, same as a "dumb" in wall dimmer.

    Did the manufacturer clarify if it supports phase cut dimming? Does it specifically need to be leading or trailing edge?


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      Some other factors that might be at play, the LED driver may have a seperate dimming input that supports either 0-10v signalling or PWM signalling. These drivers typically cannot be dimmed with phase cut and will require a seperate "out-of-line" module.

      I can't see a manual with any tech specs or diagrams on that website.


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        Thanks so much Fellhahn - I don't know this depth of electricity details. Do you have a specific set of questions you can share that I should ask each manufacturer that would shed some light on it with this particular switch?


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          OK so I took a closer look at the VONN website, the company that manufactures the problem fixture you currently have installed.

          The product page specifies that it is compatible with Electric Low Voltage (ELV) dimmers.

 (Look under features)

          The HomeSeer HS-WD200+ product page specifies that it is a forward phase dimmer (I had actually thought the 200s were adaptive until I rechecked).

 (Look under specifications)

          This page from Lutron gives you an idea of the differences, basically they cut the potential on either the leading or trailing edge of the wave:

          So to fix your current buzzing fixture it seems you will need a different dimmer, a HS-WD200 is not going to suit it.

          A very quick bit of googling reveals this Eaton product that states it supports ELV dimming and Z-Wave control:

          I can't provide any advise on the other, Contempo brand chandelier as their websites seems devoid of any technical documentation.

          This is just rough advice, do your own fact checking to match the dimmer to the load and to ensure the dimmer will be compatible with HomeSeer.

          - Michael.
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