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WD200: Loss of Dimming Capability

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  • WD200: Loss of Dimming Capability

    What would cause a WD200 to lose the capability to dim a local load?

    Physically tapping or tap/hold the rocker does not turn on the room lights like it used to. Physically removing the 200 switch from the wall and temporarily replacing it with a common house wall switch confirms that the A/C circuit works properly.

    There are two WD200s in the system but only one is wired to control a local load. Yet both of the 200's control icons no longer appear on the HS3 web page, but the Z-Wave's thermostat's controls do.

    Both 200's have tap/hold and double tap events assigned to them. Those function fine. Disabling those events does not restore the local dimming capability or the web page controls.

    Futzing with polling times, HS3 reboots, etc, hasn't solved the problem.

    The WD200 instruction sheet talks about LED function in “Normal” and “Status” mode, but does not state that local dimming is ever lost because of the LED mode.

    TY / All thoughts welcome.

    HS3 Standard Edition (Windows)
    Z-Wave Plug-In
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