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Rapid clicking when wiring switch

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  • Rapid clicking when wiring switch

    Hi folks -

    I'm trying to wire a -200 switch and companion to replace a 3 way dumb switch.

    I believe the 3 way is wired like option 3 in this link https://www.easy-do-it-yourself-home...g-diagram.html but i can't be sure as some of the wiring that I've discovered in some of these switch boxes has been creative, to say the least.

    What I am discovering is that when I wire the switch up - even if I straight wire where the companion would go to make it a simple 2 way switch - is that the switch starts rapidly clicking and turning the light on and off. I'm hoping to avoid finding a tall ladder to climb all the way up there (exterior light near the top of a 2 story house) to pull the fixture off and see if I can confirm my above hypothesis.

    Does anyone know what might cause that rapid clicking?

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    Can't answer directly but suggest ruling out a bad switch by wiring into a simple single-pole location.

    I've had a lot of trouble with "creative" wiring in my old house, too.


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      I’m thinking you need to get after the wiring with a meter. The most likely reason the switch is clicking and the light is flashing is because power for the switch is sourced through the light(s). I don’t immediately know how this could happen, but neutral would have to be on the neutral and load connections, with line connected to one side of the light(s) and the other side from the light(s) going to the line connection on the switch. This would essentially remove the power from the switch when it is on, causing the light to light for a moment until the relay in the switch opens due to lack of supply voltage. This will repeat indefinitely.
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