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  • new HS-WS100+ Switch firmware


    I just purchased a bunch of HS-WS100+ switches and have started to install them. Historically I've had Evolve and other switches - recently had a few failures plus extending controlled switches so I'm changing brands to Homeseer.

    In Homeseer when I check the installed firmware version it is reporting "50.3" which is not really any lineage that makes sense unless the reported decimal is incorrect. I'm a bit confused since everything I see online shows a 5.x version scheme. Assuming it's a reporting bug I decided to try a single switch firmware upgrade but that failed due to insufficient memory to store the new firmware (5.17). The readme file shows: "HS-WS100+ Firmware v5.17" Obviously something is wrong - but I'm not sure what.

    The switch log output when rescanned shows:
    Polling: Polling Disabled
    HomeSeer Technologies LLC
    Version: 6.01 (ZDK 6.81) Firmware: 50.3Hardware: 255
    Neighbor Count:
    Neighbors: 1, 2, 3, 7, 12, 19, 21, 22, 23, 34, 35
    Last Working Route: Direct (40K)
    Set Route:
    Uses Interface: PTown (1)
    Basic Type: ROUTING SLAVE, Generic Type: SWITCH BINARY, Specific Type: POWER SWITCH BINARY
    Command Classes:
    Zwaveplus Info, Version, Manufacturer Specific, Device Reset Locally, Association, Association Grp Info, Powerlevel, Transport Service, Switch Binary(V 1), Configuration, Scene Actuator Conf, Scene Activation, Security 2, Supervision, Central Scene(V 3), Firmware Update Md
    Central Scene(Ver 3)
    Child Device: Exhaust Fan Central Scene CC: Central Scene Ver: 3 Polling: Polling Disabled
    Child Device: Exhaust Fan CC: Switch Binary Polling: Polling Disabled
    I'm relatively competent with tech but it's almost like this is the wrong device or something even if the box, etc. matches everything model number wise. Perhaps it's already at 5.17 and I'm just missing it?

    Anyone have experience with this type of issue?


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    From the Zwave Alliance web site (See link below), it looks like HomeSeer's WD100 dimmers have been recently updated with a new firmware with a 50.3 firmware number, but the download section on their web site still only has the older 5.x firmware for download. I'm assuming they'll eventually post the 50.3 update for all of us longer-term owners of these dimmers. In other words, it appears you have the latest release.


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      Thanks for the link - interesting. It’s quite odd going from v5 to v50 - makes me wonder if someone typo’d during the build :-)


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        I have noticed the newer HS-WS100+ switches are arriving with the 50.3 firmware which is probably from DragonTech. It is very unfortunate that these newer switches are not the same as the older ones running the 5.1x firmware. The switches reporting of instant status is very slow - like as much as five seconds. The older switch report instant status almost instantly! Also unfortunate is that these new WS-100+ swicthes will not accept the older firmware 5.1x and reports not enough memory. Perhaps the processor was made slower as well.

        I tried to use a newer WS-100+ switch and was so disappointed with the instant status delay that I swapped the switch with an older WS-100+ in the house where the instant status reporting was not as critical.

        I have several HS-WS200+ switches and they all report instant status much more slowly (3-5 seconds) than the older HS-WS100+ swicthes with the 5.1x firmware.


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          This is interesting. I've been trying to use the WS-100+ switch associated with a GE outlet to no avail. I found a post talking about Group 1 and setting up the switch as secure preventing this from working (not sure, was going to test it as soon as I have time). In the meantime I've linked the devices and this is where the huge delay appears - most annoying. Basically press the switch and wait 2 or so seconds for the lights to come on. Entering a dark room - turns out 2+ seconds is a long time. :-)

          Is this an artifact of the 50.3 firmware? Most annoying... more importantly if the HS-WS200+ have the same problem I may need to swap it out with a Cooper to have a solution that works. I've been slowly moving from Insteon to Z-Wave and find that this type of "defect" is really difficult to accept.... for all of it's faults Insteon works flawlessly for all of this type of interaction. Insteon's biggest problem is over time the device fail for no particular reason hence why I've been moving to Z-wave (which have been more reliable).


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            I have a different problem possibly relating to firmware 5.30. In attempting event programming there is no option presented to set the dimmer to the "last" value. The event I'm setting up is to trigger 3 dimmers to their last brightness value when any one of the dimmers gets a double-tap Scene 001 key pressed. The two dimmers with version 5.17 firmware present the option for "last" brightness setting, the dimmer with version 5.30 does not present this option. Obviously this is not what I'd like. What options do I have?