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HS100+ has Jasco 50.3 firmware on it?

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  • HS100+ has Jasco 50.3 firmware on it?

    I have 2 HS100+ switches. I updated one to 5.19. The other (brand new one) has firmware 50.3 on it and cannot be updated to 5.19. The 50.3 firmware does not behave at all as I would expect (I'm a SmartThings user). What is up with the discrepancy and is there a way to fix it?

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    I just received 3 HS-WD100+ switches today. I installed 2 of them tonight and when I went to change the ramp settings I noticed that both have 50.3 firmware. I cannot adjust the ramp step but I can adjust the ramp timer. Should I just try to load the 5.19 FW onto the switch?


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      I have noticed the newer HS-WS100+ switches are arriving with the 50.3 firmware which is probably from DragonTech. It is very unfortunate that these newer switches are not the same as the older ones running the 5.1x firmware. The switches reporting of instant status is very slow - like as much as five seconds. The older switch report instant status almost instantly! Also unfortunate is that these new WS-100+ swicthes will not accept the older firmware 5.1x and reports not enough memory. Perhaps the processor was made slower as well.

      I tried to use a newer WS-100+ switch and was so disappointed with the instant status delay that I swapped the switch with an older WS-100+ in the house where the instant status reporting was not as critical.

      I have several HS-WS200+ switches and they all report instant status much more slowly (3-5 seconds) than the older HS-WS100+ swicthes with the 5.1x firmware.