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HS-WD100+ and LED lighting

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  • HS-WD100+ and LED lighting

    I recently bought an HS-WD100+ dimmer to control a particular lighting circuit. That circuit has four 10 watt LED lights (

    The dimmer turns the lights on and off just fine, but it doesn't seem to dim them - holding the down paddle makes the little status LEDs march downard, as if it's dimming, but the lights stay on full bright. When it's turned off, again, they march down, as if it's doing a "soft off", but the light level doesn't change until the very last step when it just shuts off. Ditto on the way up.

    This behavior existed before I paired the unit to a ZWave controller, and continued after.

    I paired it to an Aeotec Z-stick Gen5 which is plugged into a RaspberryPi running Home Assistant. It paired successfully, and can be switched on and off by the software, but the dimming behavior is the same - any level of dim gets full on. I see in the software that I can set a "Local level percent" and a "Remote level percent", both of which seem to be set to 99, and changing them doesn't seem to "stick" - it goes back to the same 99.


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    I did a quick search and found this dimmer compatibility chart:

    But - I'm not sure how to interpret the chart. I wonder if it simply is not compatible with the technology used in the HS dimmer.


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      Are the lights designed to be dimmed? If you used a regular dimmer, do you get full-range brightness control?


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        If possible, try putting an incandescent bulb in one of the fixtures and see if it can be dimmed.


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          Yes, the lights are designed to be dimmed. They were on a regular, "dumb" dimmer before.


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            Fellhan's advice is good. Disconnect all the LEDs and install one incandescent bulb. See if that dims properly. I looked up the LEDs and they are supposed to be dimmable.


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              I remember one of my 'dimmable' led bulbs kept flickering and humming at low dim levels. When I went to change it out, it was a compact fluorescent. Amazing it was able to dim at all.